Step one is to gather information from you. We will ask for input on colour preferences, if you have any and we’ll ask for keywords that you want the logo to convey such as ‘reliable’, ‘inviting’, ‘playful’ etc. and generally try and get a sense of what you want to say about your company through the logo. We may ask other questions, such as ‘How are you different from your competitors?’ etc. to learn all that we need to know about your company.

Step two is to create several concepts – relatively quick mock-up sketches. We’ll also present an array of fonts that we think are most suitable, to get a sense of what you like, because your choice of fonts can say a lot, too.



Step three: you will review the options and provide feedback. Here is where we differ from many designers. We don’t put any limit on the number of concepts we provide, so if you’re not genuinely enthusiastic about any of them, we’ll keep going and come up with more, based on whatever feedback you can provide. We will continue, back and forth, until we have chosen an idea that forms the basis of your new logo.

Step four is the refinement and perfection of the design – often developing new ideas around the chosen concept. Also, any kind of tweaks in spacing, proportions, colour and shaping take place now. We’ll then present you with a set of variations on the chosen theme.

Step five: now you will make your choices. There may still be some back and forth if you like one aspect of a variation and another aspect from a different one. Once again, we don’t like to set any limitation on getting it perfect. At this stage, we will hone in on your finalized logo.

Step six: we provide you with your logo in a variety of file formats usable on your website and in any print work. It’s your logo and you own it now. So long as we remain in business, we will keep a copy backed up in our files should you lose your copies. There is no charge if you need us to resend them to you.